Moore Tree Update

Over the holidays I did a good deal of online searching on the Moore line and came away with quite a few documents.  This update represents about half of these documents.  This is just a quick list of who was updated:

New information added to:

  • Edgar Moore
  • Beatrice Eva Shaylor
  • Edgar H Moore
  • Linda Fay Gaylord

New information and photographs added to:

  • Donald Kenneth Moore
  • Cecilia Marie Moore

These new people have been added:

  • Robert Moore
  • Jessie C Black
  • Charles Shaylor
  • Grace M Hathaway
  • Bruce Norman Moore
  • Jessie L Moore
  • Robert M Moore


If an image was available for these new documents, I included a copy in this update.  To see an image of the original source, just click on the citation source number when viewing a person entry.

Update – 11 January 2014

I made a quick update on the blog side today with the addition of a photo gallery plugin.  There are only a few photos uploaded right now, but there is more to come.  This plugin is also supposed to allow users to upload their own photos, so feel free to post any you might want to share.  Just be aware there are some size limitations for uploading: 7 megabytes maximum, and 2800 x 2100 pixels.

Also worth noting: all files uploaded here are automatically reduced in size by the software and optimized for on-screen viewing.  If you want a larger copy that is good for printing, consider contacting the person that uploaded the photo.