Update – February 7, 2017

This update is a cosmetic one. I made a number of changes to the formatting and output from my database. The highlights:

  • Google Maps icon links now appear next to place names. Click them to bring up a map showing the place.
  • A new people index: Ancestor Index under the Genealogy Records menu. This is a list of direct ancestors.
  • Quick links on the left side of the Genealogy Records section.
  • Significant changes to the person entry pages. The timeline table has been replaced with a narrative section. Census listings and residences are now listed in a separate table. There are other minor adjustments to the layouts of these pages.

You will also see a large number of people listed as updated under the What’s New page – these updates are mostly housekeeping and clean-up edits within my database to improve narrative flow and do not contain any new information about these individuals.