About the Gaylord Family Tree Website

I created this site to document the family history for my daughters, Willow and Eleanor, and to share the information I have with the extended family.  Some surnames included in the family tree are: Boyd, Bryan, Cooper, Davis, Ganun, Gaylord, Hallauer, Hoover, Hubarth, Lawrence, Lee, Moore, Rice, Reed, Tracy, and many others.

I started with a large number of photos and documents given to me by my father in 2010.  He took a family history course in 1983 and collected a massive amount of materials during his project.  Since then, I have been given pictures and documents by family members in addition to documents from county clerks and genealogy websites like ancestry.com and familysearch.org.  My current collection consists of two cardboard banker boxes full of items yet to be filed, 18 two-inch binders of documents, 8 two-inch binders of photographs, several additional photo albums, and a few miscellaneous piles/books/folders.  Due to the sheer quantity I needed to track, I adapted systems for physical documents and digital files from filing systems developed by others.  When I launched the site in January 2014, the family tree consisted of the data from my father’s research project and a small amount of information downloaded from my brain via computer keyboard.  Since then I added a few updates.


About the Author

My name is Larry Gaylord and I have been doing research into my family history off and on for the last four years.  I live in Lake Orion, Michigan with my wife, Angela, and two daughters, Willow and Eleanor.  I am an electrical engineer working at an automotive manufacturer designing radios and audio systems.  Genealogy is one of several hobbies I enjoy in my spare time.  Others include fishkeeping, BBQ/smoking food, tinkering (3D printing, electronics, etc.), and gaming.


Accuracy of Information

While I have made an effort to verify the accuracy of the information on this site, I advise caution against assuming it is 100% correct.  Documents can be in error, memories can fail, and there is always the chance someone has put out misleading or false information, whether purposefully or accidentally.  Use what you find here as a starting point, but always verify your own research with multiple independent sources wherever possible.

Should you find an error anywhere on the site, please feel free to contact me with the details.  I very much welcome and appreciate copies of any sources that contradict information I have posted here.


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The genealogy database software I use is The Master Genealogist (TMG). TMG is no longer being maintained or updated, however, as the creator closed his business. I plan to continue using TMG as long as is practical since no other software I have found provides the flexibility and options offered by TMG.

I use John Cardinal’s Second Site software to generate pages for all genealogy records on the site. I use the WordPress platform to run the rest of the site.  Dreamhost provides webhosting and domain registration services.  I have a group on Facebook.  I use numerous blogs and websites for research; you can find them in the links on the sidebar to the left or in source citations.

My customized site theme, roronicus, is based on the mnmlist WordPress theme by DB Vault.  The genealogy records pages were adapted from the Plain theme to match roronicus.  I received much of my inspiration for the design and WordPress integration from www.dishmanweb.com.

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