This is a brief overview of the sections on this site.  Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The menu bar contains links to the major sections of the site:

  • Home – This will take you to the site’s home page.
  • What’s New – This will take you to a list of recently changed people records from the genealogy records section.  They are grouped by the date the record was last updated.
  • Genealogy Records – This is a drop-down menu that lets you choose from a variety of different genealogy records.  The indexes will generally allow you to browse people by name.  The charts will open a new page listing the available genealogy charts.
  • Photographs – This is a drop-down menu that lets you choose from several different sections containing photographs.
  • Most Wanted – This will take you to a list of the items I most want to find or questions I most want to see answered.
  • About – This is a drop-down menu that lets you view a variety of information about the site, its rules, and various forms of help.
  • Contact Me – Click here to bring up a simple form through which you can contact me.

The sidebar on the left side of the screen contains:

  • Search bar – Use this to find something on the site.
  • Links to the RSS feed and the Facebook group
  • A Tag “cloud”* – Tags are attached to blog posts that contain certain topics, mentions, or surnames.  Clicking on a tag will list all posts that include the tag.  The size of the text in this “cloud” represents the relative number of posts containing the tag (large text means a lot of posts, small text means only a few)
  • Category List* – This lists all the main categories of blog posts.  Clicking on a category will list all posts within the category.
  • Archives* – This allows you to browse past blog posts by the date of posting.
  • Links* – These are links to various websites related to genealogy.

* These items are not displayed while viewing genealogy records.

Sharing buttons will appear in various places depending on which page you are viewing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an avatar/gravatar?

See here.

I don’t see Bob Syouruncle in your genealogy records, what gives?

If Bob is still living, then he will not have a person entry on this site.  See the privacy page for an explanation.

If Bob is no longer with us, then either I have no information about him or I do have information, but have not yet entered it into my database (I have a tiny bit of a back-log).

Please consider sharing what you have in any case.  Additional sources are always a good thing in genealogy, even if they don’t contain new information.  Additional sources improve confidence in the correctness of the data, and may suggest different avenues of research.  I may not have access to original copies of certain sources even if I have an image posted on the site (some images are scans of photocopies), in which case getting a better copy or image would be wonderful.

If you want to see something specific in a future update, don’t hesitate to ask.  I would be glad to take some time to add things on request.

Can I download copies of images and documents from your site?

In general, you may do so, but be aware:

1)   If the item is copyrighted, then I either obtained permission to use the item on the site or I am using it under fair use.  This permission does not necessarily transfer to users of the site.

2)   The images on the site are usually reduced in size from the high-resolution copies I keep locally.  I am glad to share these high-resolution copies with you, so please Contact Me if you are interested.

I am having trouble registering for the site.  What’s the issue?

You can Contact Me for assistance using the registration tool.  If we cannot work out your issue, I can always create an account for you.