Moore Tree Update

Over the holidays I did a good deal of online searching on the Moore line and came away with quite a few documents.  This update represents about half of these documents.  This is just a quick list of who was updated:

New information added to:

  • Edgar Moore
  • Beatrice Eva Shaylor
  • Edgar H Moore
  • Linda Fay Gaylord

New information and photographs added to:

  • Donald Kenneth Moore
  • Cecilia Marie Moore

These new people have been added:

  • Robert Moore
  • Jessie C Black
  • Charles Shaylor
  • Grace M Hathaway
  • Bruce Norman Moore
  • Jessie L Moore
  • Robert M Moore


If an image was available for these new documents, I included a copy in this update.  To see an image of the original source, just click on the citation source number when viewing a person entry.

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