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Family history is full of questions and mysteries.  This is a wish list of sorts.  While I welcome any information, documents, or photographs you might be willing to share, these are the things I am currently most interested in finding.


1) James Bryan, my great-great grandfather, left Ireland for Canada around 1858, met Mary Burns on the ship, and soon after they were married.  As the story goes, James had a disagreement with his father that led to his choice to emigrate.  He later forbade any discussion of that part of his family.  James was reportedly born in 1838 in County Cork, Ireland.  Mary was reportedly born in 1843 in South Downs, Ireland.  With such common names and only birth years, it is difficult to find any details about their lives prior to coming to Canada without seriously questioning if I even have the right person.  Information about their births or their parents/siblings would be of great help.


2) Joseph Reed, my great-great grandfather, was not involved in the life of his son, Percy.  I understand that Joseph and Percy met only once.  I found a few census records that might be him, and I have two photographs of him from my grandfather.  He was reportedly a horse trainer.  I have little other information about him, but would like to find more.


3) William Cooper, my great-great grandfather, was raised in an orphanage.  For whatever reason (death, illness, I am unsure) his mother was not around, and his father was unable to care for him.  His death certificate gives his father’s name as Archie, Archie’s birthplace as Indiana, and William’s birthplace as Ohio.  No name is given for his mother.


4) One-of-a-kind items.  I don’t necessarily mean originals, either.  These are things like the records pages from family bibles, old photographs, or hand-written letters.  These things probably only exist in one place and are only a natural disaster or a toss into the trash bin away from being lost forever.  If you have anything like this, I would be very happy to get a photocopy or a scan.

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  1. There is a co-mingling by many researchers of John Gaylords between John Gaylord b.CT (wife Lucinda) and John C. Gaylord b. PA (wife Elvira). This is due in part that they are found in the same places at the same times.
    John Gaylord & wife Lucinda moved to Kirtland Ohio from New York sometime after the birth of daughter Sara Anne in 1832. I believe one of their sons, Lucius Farnam Gaylord is buried in Blish Rd, Cemetery, Lake County Ohio in 1838 (Find a Grave).
    John Gaylord is found in the Kirtland, Lake, Ohio 1840 census. The John C. Gaylord (wife Elvira) was a Mormon leader who lived in Kirtland Ohio but left in 1839 to follow the Mormons who went to Missouri.
    John & Lucinda Gaylord’s daughter Caroline Amelia married Watson Grinnell in Geauga County OH 5 September 1839. (Ohio Marriage records).
    Walworth County Wisconsin 1850 census again finds both the above John Gaylords living there. John C. Gaylord the Mormon in Spring Prairie WI & 10 miles south John & Lucinda in Hudson (now Lyons) WI with dau. Sarah Anne. Note that Kirtland OH was the site of the first Mormon Temple and Vorhee Wisconsin was home of a Mormon community organized by James J. Strang after the death of Mormon leader Joseph Smith II. I can find no Mormon record that John & Lucinda were members of the Church.
    Lucinda died in 1856 and is buried in Lyons, Quaker Cemetery Lyons WI.
    Sarah Anne Gaylord Married Montezuma S. Archer in Hudson (now Lyons) in 1851 and are found living in Warsaw, Hancock, Illinois in the 1860 census and living with them is John Gaylord.
    Also in Warsaw are living Caroline Gaylord Grinnell and Sophronia Gaylord Emmons another of John & Lucinda’s daughters.
    After the 1860 census John disappears from any record found to date. Nothing has been found as to when he died or where he is buried. While many family trees list John Gaylord’s death and burial in Burlington, Lawrence, Ohio there is no record to prove this. Burlington Ohio is located in southeast OH and it seems very unlikely as he had no connection to the area. However, where wife, Lucinda is buried is only about 15 miles from Burlington, Racine, Wisconsin.
    Another issue is that William Elam Gaylord is buried in Moreland Cemetery Fairgrove, Tuscola, MI yet has a stone in Rockton Cemetery, Winnebago County, Illinois. I’m told this is a cenotaph for him as he was living in Durand, Winnebago, Illinois when he enlisted in 1860. After the civil war he apparently settled in Fairgrove MI but not sure why he moved there from Illinois.
    My primary interest is finding where John Gaylord is buried. I have located all of his children except Mary Lucinda & Louisa Jane and would be happy to share this information.
    Sarah Anne Gaylord Archer was my great grandmother.

  2. I am updating the above information on my great grandmother’s father, John Gaylord, as I believe I have found his burial place.
    1st I will explain that in tracing his travels I find He most probably was a member of the Mormon Church while living in Kirtland Ohio in 1840’s Source: History of the reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints Chapter 9 Page 199 which names John Gaylord and J.C. Gaylord as being connected to the Church in the time Of Joseph Smith.
    2nd A Bible Pension application for Charlotte Gaylord Lacost indicates her father John Gaylord was born 27 Jul 1790
    Source: Bible Page image found on Harris Family Tree
    3rd John Gaylord died 4 Sep 1866 in Plano, Kendall, Illinois
    source: Obituary in The True Saints Herald Plano IL 1 Oct 1866 (This was an RLDS Church publication)
    4th John A. Gaylord Buried in Little Rock Township Cemetery, Plano, Illinois with death & Birth dates unknown.
    Source: Find a Grave memorial # 48245759
    5th John Gaylord’s daughter, Mary Lucinda Gaylord Wilsey was married to Archibald M Wilsey an active member of the RLDS Church and they lived in the Plano Area.
    Source: U.S. Census 1870 shows them living in Little Rock Township, Kendall County, Illinois.
    I now believe John Gaylord was living with his daughter, Mary Lucinda when he died in 1866 and is buried in the Little Rock Cemetery. His obituary said he wrote a book “The Future of Russia” published in 1855. In reading through this online he mentions that he “has lost his sight” He was poor and blind and in the 1860’s that meant he lived with one of his children or at a poor farm.
    I hope this information may be of interest to other researchers.
    I f anyone has further information on this line of Gaylords I would appreciate hearing form you.

  3. I think this will be my final update on John Gaylord. I recently spent some time in Plano Illinois doing research with the help of both the local librarian and a very helpful local genealogist.
    The above information on John Gaylord’s death in Plano is correct as is his burial in the Little Rock Township Cemetery. However, my assumption that he was living with his daughter is probably not correct. What I found was that John Gaylord married Elizabeth Stone 11 November, 1861 in Plano Illinois source Early Illinois Marriages. Both John And Elizabeth were members of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints headquartered in Plano IL. John Gaylord died in 1866 leaving Elizabeth a widow. John Gaylord’s daughter Mary Lucinda married to A.M. Wilsey died in 1870 leaving A.M. Wilsey a widow. On 1 January 1871 A.M Wilsey married Elizabeth Gaylord in Plano, IL. A. M.Wilsey married his step mother-in-law. Hey it’s been a fun search but I think this finishes it.

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