Update – 11 January 2014

I made a quick update on the blog side today with the addition of a photo gallery plugin.  There are only a few photos uploaded right now, but there is more to come.  This plugin is also supposed to allow users to upload their own photos, so feel free to post any you might want to share.  Just be aware there are some size limitations for uploading: 7 megabytes maximum, and 2800 x 2100 pixels.

Also worth noting: all files uploaded here are automatically reduced in size by the software and optimized for on-screen viewing.  If you want a larger copy that is good for printing, consider contacting the person that uploaded the photo.

What’s in the Tree?

The tree is based on the contents of my genealogy database (TMG) with some bits filtered out.  This information is based mainly on a research project my father created for a family history class.  I entered the data contained in his project into TMG.  Based on the number of names alone, this project represents about 75% of the current database content.  It’s an incredible base to start from.  Another 20% of the entries are the result of my wife and I just writing down our own knowledge.  The rest are from several other sources I have located myself.


Welcome to my first attempt at creating an online family history.  This is a long-term project.

After the birth of my first daughter a few years ago I acquired many boxes of papers, photos and items from my father’s basement filing cabinet.  It took weeks of rummaging through the contents to understand at a basic level just what I had.

One thing was immediately apparent: the first task had to be finding proper storage.  Some of the documents were on acidic paper and this was leaching into adjacent documents and photos (think that dark color and brittleness really old newspaper develops – very bad for documents you want to save).  Some boxes containing photos were of questionable quality for storage.  My answer was three ring binders and acid-free plastic sleeves for the vast majority of the papers and photographs.  After much time spent stuffing sleeves, I have twenty binders filled (in no particular order…yet), and at least two more boxes full of stuff to shove into sleeves and binders.

I intend to scan all of the documents and photos so they are preserved digitally.  I also need to enter the information from all these documents into my genealogy software, a rather tedious process.  I must admit I never did have a solid plan for how to proceed next.  I just picked a task that seemed interesting for my next step.  Things proceeded piecemeal for a while then my interest started to wane, and while I didn’t stop entirely progress slowed to a crawl.

In October daughter number two was born and the spark re-ignited.  This time I have a good start on things.  I also have a couple months’ worth of blogging experience under my belt and thought it would be an interesting idea to combine this with my genealogy hobby.

My plan for this site is to post family history information I have so the extended family will have a place to come read it any time they like.  I will post updates as I continue scanning and entering data.  There is some really interesting stuff hidden in all this material, and it seemed a real shame to leave it sitting on a shelf in my living room where almost nobody else would see it.

In the meantime, please look around.  Post your thoughts in a comment if you like.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please let me know.