I consider privacy, especially online, to be a serious matter.  There are a number of rules in place about how personal information about living individuals is collected, used, and protected.

If you see something on the site that concerns you, please Contact Me.

Rules about site content:

I will not post a person entry (example) for any individual I know to be living without prior permission, nor will I approach anyone to solicit permission to do so.  If you would like to request that your entry be included on the site, please Contact Me to discuss further.  If you notice that I have a page up for a person you know to be living, please Contact Me.

You may still see your name appear under some limited circumstances:

  • If you were present at an event, say the marriage of your late Aunt Irmgarde, your name may show up on the list of people witness to or present at the event.
  • If you provided me with information about another individual, your name may show up in the citation as the source of the information.
  • If one of the source documents cited in an entry for another individual pertains to you, your name and information about the document may show up in the citation for that source.

I redact personal contact information (address, phone numbers, e-mail, profile names, etc.) from source citations.  Normally, a source citation includes the location of the repository where it is located.  This is fine for government offices, businesses, churches, etc., but in the case of items that reside in an individual’s personal collection, I omit this location information.  If you should have a need or desire to contact an individual you don’t know regarding items in their possession, please Contact Me and I will act as an intermediary as needed until both parties are comfortable with direct contact.

While I normally post copies of source documents, I will refrain from doing so under several circumstances (exceptions: records that are already publicly available):

  • If the source is a vital record for a living individual.
  • If the source contains contact information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.)  for a living individual.
  • If the source contains identifying information (birthdate, maiden name, parent’s names, etc.) for a living individual.
  • If the source is protected by a copyright claim or terms of service restricting distribution.

How information you provide is used:

If you register for an account on this site using an e-mail address, that e-mail address will not be made accessible to other users of the site, nor will it be sold or shared with any third parties other than WordPress (link to their privacy policy).

I use Google Analytics (link to their privacy policy) to gather information about visitors to the site.  This service uses information provided by your web browser and ISP.  The Google Search feature may also track user information; it operates under the same privacy policy as Analytics.

Like any other website, your IP address and any other identifying information sent by your browser or ISP may be recorded in server logs.  I use this information only to monitor site traffic patterns and usage.  I will not share or sell this information to third parties.

Age Requirements:

In 1998, the US Congress passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that regulates information collected from minors under the age of 13*.  Rather than drawing the attention of some powerful government agency by overlooking some obfuscated minutiae in the law, I ask that only individuals 13* and older register on the site.  If you are under 13* and wish to submit comments or photographs, I encourage you to ask a parent to set up a jointly-held login under the parent’s name.  Upon discovery of any users violating this policy, I will promptly delete the user account, including any comments or photo submissions, and may take actions to prevent future visits to the site.

* Some states or countries may have more stringent laws about minors on the internet.  I expect you to follow all applicable laws in your jurisdiction.