Genealogy Records Update – January 16, 2017

The first update in about 2.5 years just went up.  The list of which records were added/updated is on the What’s New page.  Essentially, anything there dated from 2016 and 2017 is new or updated.

Most of these changes are from three update sessions:

  • Some research into the Moore/Hubarth lines I did in 2016
  • Entry of the Family of Mark and Lena Lee booklet from the 2014 Lee Family Reunion
  • Entry of some documents, family group charts, and descendant charts related to the Lee, Cooper, Reed, and Hoover lines that were in my grandmother’s possession

I still have considerable material to update, including some new information on the Gaylord line I received from John Archer last year.


Genealogy Records Update – 24 Jun 2014

An update to the Genealogy Records has been posted.

Surnames updated/added: Adriaan, Arnold, Benedict, Bosch, Brink, Bush, Chaddock, Cooper, Davis, Elenbaas, Fisher, Fredenburg, Harding, Hunter, Hutchinson, Lee, Mogg, Murphy, Phelps, Reed, Robinson, Roosa, Smiley, Van Etten, Warden, Wolfe

Previous update: 12 May 2014

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I meant to do an update before the Lee Family Reunion this past weekend, but real life decided to take over my free time and available energy.  It is just as well because I was able to pick up the latest copy of the Lee Family Book that Aunt Phyllis has been diligently maintaining for a number of years.  The first few pages contain a wealth of information about my great grandparents, Mark Lee and Lena Cooper, as well as a large number of their ancestors and extended family.  I have included some of this information in today’s update along with a few other pages from the stack of items I received from my grandmother (more to come on that later).


Other changes in this update:

Update – 12 May 2014

Since the annual Lee family reunion in June is coming up soon, I decided to spend some time working on this side of the family.  I have added a few new documents, and a handful of new people to the Cooper surname.  This is a small content update, but I posted it because there were some background changes on the Tree that I needed to have live on the site because…reasons.

New information and photographs have been added for:

These individuals have been added to the database:

Documents added:

If an image of a document was available, I included it in the update.  You will be able to find the image in the sources list on the tree, or by following the source citations at the bottom of each person’s entry.