William Cooper1,2

#629, b. 8 August 1856, d. 3 February 1920
Father*Archie Cooper3

Family: Sarah Christina Davis b. 18 Jan 1862, d. 11 Nov 1930

Census and Residence

Cens190022 June 1900, Marion, MI, USA4
Cens191011 May 1910, Marion Rd. W., Marion, MI, USA1
Cens192029 January 1920, Marion, MI, USA5
William and Sarah Cooper


     William Cooper was born on 8 August 1856 at Ohio, United States of America.1,5,4,6,3 He was also reported to have been born on 8 August 1857 at Ohio.2 He married Sarah Christina Davis, daughter of Theodore Davis, circa 1878.1,5,4,2 He was a farmer on 10 July 1880 at Marion Township, Michigan, United States of America.6 He was a farmer on 22 June 1900 at Marion, MI, USA.4 He was a farmer on 11 May 1910 at Marion, MI, USA.1 He was a farmer on 29 January 1920 at Marion, MI, USA.5 He died on 3 February 1920 at Marion, MI, USA, at age 63.3,2 He was buried on 6 February 1920 at Greenwood Cemetery, Marion Township, Michigan, United States of America.3
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