Louie Philetus Lee1,2,3

#722, b. 10 October 1905, d. 10 February 1950
Father*Lewis Orion Lee1,2 b. 3 Aug 1865, d. 24 Oct 1935
Mother*Melinda Fredenburg1,2 b. 4 Aug 1869, d. 4 Jun 1940

Family 1: Gladys (?)

Family 2: Pearl (?)


     Louie Philetus Lee was born on 10 October 1905.2 Louie Philetus Lee also went by the name of Pete.2,3 He married Pearl (?)1 He married Gladys (?)1 He died on 10 February 1950 at age 44.2
Last Edited=7 Feb 2017


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