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While I have made an effort to verify the accuracy of the information on this site, I advise caution against assuming it is 100% correct. Use what you find here as a starting point and verify your research with multiple independent sources. If you find errors, I’d very much appreciate a copy of the source with the correct information.

Mark L. Lee
b. 12 April 1900
d. 25 December 1957
Lewis O. Lee
b. 3 August 1865
d. 24 October 1935
Melinda Fredenburg
b. 4 August 1869
d. 4 June 1940
George W. Lee
b. 16 November 1828
d. 13 April 1903
Sophia Arnold
b. 1828
d. 1894
Philetus Fredenburg
b. 1 January 1829
d. 16 December 1903
Louise Dormire
b. 30 July 1843
d. 10 January 1921
Joseph Lee
b. 1797
d. 1892
Margaret Bush
b. 1805
d. 1890